2024 is YOUR Year to Transform Your Healthy Sexy Body & Hormones,

Embody Inner Healing, & Unlock Your Soft Magnetic Feminine Energy...

no diets, workouts you hate , or struggling required.

(This is the last weight loss & body transformation program you'll ever need!)

You're about to shift out of survival mode, out of sabatoge mode... and move into your soft playful era where you finally heal and release any fat loss resistence, any metabolic and hormone issues, any subconcious sabatoges you keep repeating, emotional eating, triggers, stress, insecurities, and energetic blocks keeping YOU stuck in the same defeating patterns... for too many years!

YOU are your greatest investment & assest regardless of your age, body shape, genetics, or the crap you've been through.

Your body, your relationships, & your attractive feminine energy are ALL about to be radically healed & upgraded this year...

Faster, easier, & without the sabatoge.

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As a widowed mom, I deeply understand the need for temporary help as you invest to get yourself back on your feet thriving!

$49/mth for 12 months

*INCLUDES lifetime access plus access to all new updated transformational videos and activations for years to come.

I've never met a woman who has been living in survival "work harder" masculine energy mode and didn't also have hormone, health, and relationship issues.

BUT You've been through a lot...

So that's all you've ever known.

They don't even know everything you've been carrying around buried deep inside of you for years.

You cover it up so well because you

"do" so much...

But it's been manifesting into hormone & metabolic issues, digestive issues, love & money blocks, stress, toxic thoughts, excess weight, anxiety, body pains and fatigue.

It's ALSO making you age faster than you need to be.


It's because the chaos in your external reality is simply mirroring the undealt chaos in your internal reality.

I get it because that used to be me too!


That's why another diet plan, workout plan, surgeries, or more meds won't solve the root underlying issues.


Will you DECIDE to shift out of this before it's too late?

I’m going to show you exactly why you have:

  • Been holding onto excess weight (physical & energetic)

  • Have stubborn belly fat

  • Have those annoying junk food cravings

  • Have hormone & gut issues

  • Have poor energy, stress, body pains & other health issues...

Why this is ALSO impacting your:

Emotions, relationships, confidence, and blocking progress in your life...

AND why you continue to take care of everyone else but YOU!




The lack of motivation, health issues, fears, self-doubt, insecurities, built up stress & toxic thinking are about to be transmuted into healed, powerful, confident ease and flow.

Your TRANSFORMED body and energy will be turning heads everywhere you go....on or off camera!



Shrink & Strengthen Your Waistline.

(No crunches required)

Sis... your waistline is telling you sooo much about what's been going on with your hormones, your gut health, the impact of having babies, your reproductive system, the impact of stress on you, your emotional health, and even the toxic energy still causing you to hold onto excess weight subconsciously.

Shaping and strengthening your body type the way you desire is easier than you think when you learn more about YOU and the different options you have.

Transform Your Hormones & Metabolism.

(No more suffering required)

Sweetheart...Your hormones control EVERYTHING: your fat burning metabolism, where you store or release fat on your body, your mood, your sex drive (libido), your ability to focus, how fast you're aging, your skin texture and hair, your immune system, your energy levels and sooo much more.

Why do you think so many women have pms, pcos, fibroids, depression, reproductive, OR menopausal issues now a days?

88% of adults have metabolic issues right now, most have imbalances with their blood sugars, insulin, and other hormones that they're not even aware of or think meds are the only answer.

Once you understand the simple things you can do daily to shift your hormones... you will feel and radiate a whole new person!

Release Excess Weight, Stress & Energetic Blocks.

(No more sabotaging your goals)

Queen, you've been in survival mode, "Just work harder mode" for way too long! You get things done because you "have to" BUT it's taken a toll on your weight, your health, how you're aging, your mood, your nervous system, your immune system, your dry love life, the drama that keeps showing up, and your ability to make consistent changes.

You have duplicity in your mindset and energy that you don't even realize & it's been blocking your goals and desires.

That's why new_________ don't work for you

long term.

You keep going back to your old familiar ways.

The overwhelm, the procrastination, the avoidance, and other subconscious self-sabatoging behaviours keep blocking you from evolving into that dream girl your soul is craving!

Get More Done Faster & Easier.

(No struggling or burnout required)

Hun, every struggle you're having right now is either a systems or an energy issue....

Not enough time or energy to________.

JUST WORK HARDER and DO MORE so I can prove my self-worth... is an old paradigm we're evolving out of.

We're going to eliminate this for good, embody new energetic boundaries & standards, and implement practical proven systems to support the NEW you and NEW way of living.

Whether you're a mom or not, your "busy schedule" is about to get a total makeover!

You are worthy to embody a whole new level of ease and flow while creating the body and life you didn't think was possible for you.

Heal & Upgrade Your Relationships.

(With yourself and with others)

Most women I work with have gone through some sort of loss... a loss of a relationship, loss of a loved one, a loss of a dream, or loss of confidence while still in their relationship.

AND MOST have not healed or energetically let go of these losses, trauma, entanglements, and grief they've been through...

They're stuck and it's energetically repelling all their desires and goals instead of receiving them.

BUT... As you heal, let go, & upgrade internally....EVERYTHING externally starts to heal and upgrade too...

Your relationship to food, your body, your self-worth, your loved ones, your money, and your Divine purpose.

Your transformation will inspire those around you too!

"What we don't heal, we repeat.... and will keep coming up in different areas of our life until we face it, remove the charge around it, and release it for good!"

Hi! I'm Tash... I had to learn all of this the hard way but now can show you the easier ways to get better results faster...

I'm the founder of Mia Adora, retired internal med RN, mom of 4, and Certified Transformational Hormones & Metabolic Weight Loss Coach.

After losing my husband to colorectal cancer and becoming a widow with 4 little kids in 2019, I was desperate for a MAJOR transformation quickly!

At just 33 years old, I was a physical & emotional mess…

I honestly looked and felt so old... like life beat the crap out of me from all the years of stress I kept buried deep inside and covered it up with "positive thinking" and "spiritual bypassing."

I didn't know any better.

But my 4 kids needed me and my employees need me,

so I knew I didn’t have any time for fluff or gimmicks.

I needed more energy and focus to function at a high level during the day...

I didn't want to fall into a deep depression...

I had so much fear and anxiety around getting sick myself...

I wanted to laugh again and have more healthy fun in my life...

And I knew eventually I would want to date again, to get married again... look and feel attractive again.

So, I realized I needed to get my hormones, gut health, and body healthy & strong as quickly as possible.

I had to heal and end the self-sabotaging behaviours that I and so many other women in survival mode stay stuck in for years...

And even though I had "achieved" a lot... I lacked confidence and self-worth which kept me in over-giving people pleasing mode.

My body and emotions couldn't handle it anymore.

My body was weak and saggy.

So, I told myself I had no other choice but to step out in faith, learn about my body, and learn how to shift my energy so I can feel good again...

I had to re-birth the newest UPDATED version of me...

and make this NEW transformational journey as FUN & EASY as I could because my nervous system was completely burnt out from years of stress and everything I didn't realize I was still holding on to.

Are you ready to drop the struggling, the inconsistencies, the blocks and...

embody this NEW you?

  • Release excess physical and energetic weight

  • Release stubborn belly fat & love handles

  • Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours and energetic blocks

  • End emotional eating, junk food cravings, and starvation diets 

  • Nourish your hormones and gut health

  • Strengthen and shrink your waistline

  • Naturally turn your metabolism into a fat-burning, energy-boosting machine

  • Take 10 years off how you look and feel by understanding the energetics & science of aging

  • Learn different strategies to shape your body type the way you want

  • Heal your relationship with food & your body

  • Never live in burnout and anxiety again

  • Overflow with radiating confidence & energy

  • Implement practical systems proven to make household life easier

  • Replace diets with the right intermittent fasting schedule for your unique hormonal & lifestyle needs

  • Learn what anti-aging foods and strategies tighten up your skin & muscles

  • Experience deep inner healing to transform your body and life

  • Upgrade to a new level of energetic standards and boundaries

  • Embody this new fulfilling life of attractive feminine flow and ease

Then You’re Ready For The New Body & Mind Playshop…

9 Module Program That Will Help You Birth This NEW Body and Upgraded Version Of You Faster & Easier...

Taking You Through My Most POTENT Transformational Body Shaping, Mindset SHIFTING, & Inner Feminine Healing Process.

YOU Get Both:

1) The Powerful Energetic Activations

2) The Practical Evidence-Based Systems

To manifest your unique body goals, health goals, and life goals faster and easier.

This go at your own pace 12-month transformational coaching container is overflowing with the most up-to-date science-based content, tools, strategies, feminine energy and potent inner healing activations that will elevate you into this DELICIOUS new body and life quickly.

This time... you'll have everything you need to START and FINISH the year strong without the sabatoge.

Here’s Just A Taste Of What’s Inside This Playshop:

Module 1- Declutter, Heal, & Let Go: 

Healing and Releasing Energetic Blocks, Triggers, Fear, Shame, Grief, Pain, Confusion, Insecurities, Past Relationships, Worthiness Issues, and Other Self-Sabotaging Resistance So You Have Cleared Space To Receive Your New Healthy Body, New Relationships, And Other Desires You’ve Been Subconsciously Blocking

Module 2 - Activating Your Dream Girl Body, Energy & Start Aging in Reverse:

 Gaining clarity is your first step to getting what you want. We're going to fast track our transformation with energetic vision boarding, embodiment practices, dreamlining, deep potent activations to get you re-aligned quickly, and start aging in reverse energetically.

You’re about to take years of stress off your life and birth this new upgraded dream girl version of you into reality... way faster and in a way more fun way!

Module 3 - New Body Game Plan: Hormones, Gut Health, Shrinking Your Waistline, & Building Your Dream Body

Practical proven strategies based on the latest science and evidence so you can transform your hormones, your metabolism, your aging process, your gut and digestive system, your body shaping goals, shrink your waistline, and learn why "we get sick"

This is a judgement-free zone where you get to learn the pros and cons about everything from medications, natural alternatives, body shaping strategies, post-c section recovery, mommy makeovers, non-surgical options, knowing different types of workouts, waist training, and of course my favourite...stomach vacuuming!

Module 4 - Proven Systems For Success: Intermittent Fasting, Meals, & Staying Ready For Anything.

Done-for-you systems and structures that help you stay consistent.

Access schedules, checklists, & meal ideas to make this transformation sooo much easier for you. You get to choose what works best for you based on your personal metabolic & hormonal needs, transformational goals, your current lifestyle schedules, and your unique body type.

Whether you travel like me or just always on the go...you're going to make time work for you by learning my favorite automations, outsourcing, and time-blocking techniques.

Module 5 - Mindset & Energy Shifting: Magnify Attractive Feminine Radiance & Love Without The Struggle

Get out of overthinking, stress, fear, and survival mode and move into the embodiment of ease, flow, and fun. Stay unbothered as your glide through your daily life with your beautiful confident feminine essence that will turn heads everywhere you go.

You'll master energetic boundaries, shift out of overwhelm, get rid of people pleasing tendancies, infuse more fun, love, and authentic confidence into everything you do.

This calming feminine energy nourishes your body, soul, and the people around you too.

Module 6 - Eliminating Self-Sabotaging Patterns For Good

Consistency with ease…We’re going deeper to expand your capacity to receive your health goals, love goals, more pleasure, and abundance.

We’re identifying the walls you keep secretly hitting and your subconscious sabotaging patterns that like to creep up and throw you off track.

Get ready to outgrow them for good…no more shame, guilt, negativity, drama, or judgement needed.

Module 7 - Bloodwork, Detoxes, & Bioenergetics (Featuring Dr. Erica Steele)

This next level training is featuring my personal functional med doc and it’s all about the bloodwork, data, and tests your doctor won’t tell you about! It’s all based on latest research to help you prevent illnesses before they show up. We’ll also go over how emotions get trapped in the body and different detoxes available to you (all evidenced based.)

Module 8 - Magnifying Your Sexy Wifey & Dating Mojo:

Unlock your soft, powerful, magnetic, sexy feminine energy buried deep inside. Whether you’re married already or back on the dating scene… in this fun and healing module, I go way deeper on inner healing for your ideal love life, removing love blocks, boosting your pheromones and hormones that control your sex drive & mood.

We're rebuilding your confidence, attractiveness, and re-igniting your desire (especially after babies or if you're re-entering the dating game later in life).

Creating powerful polarity in your relationship to build attraction, deepen love, bonding, and even non-sexual intimacy.

Module 9 - Awakening Your Queen Consciousness & Spiritual Power

Advanced module to elevate you from peasant, orphaned, widowed consciousness… to embodying your Queen flow consciousness who builds her empire with Divine beauty, grace and ease. 

Activating your authentic heart-centered influential power, love, and clarity on a elevated spiritual level.

You’ll never do anything the same again after this. 

Plus! You’ll Also Get Lifetime

Access To:

  • Intermittent fasting schedules specific to your lifestyle and hormonal needs

  • Done-for-you grocery lists, meal plans & recipe ideas (optional to use)

  • Potent affirmations & Manifesting journal prompts

  • Divine feminine activations & meditations

  • On-the-go audio & video trainings to rewire your mindset and shift your energy instantly 

  • Weekly & monthly coaching sessions with recordings 

  • Private SMS access for any personal ongoing coaching questions 

  • My Best Menstrual Cycle Workouts - Cheat sheet (optional to use)

  • And so much more!

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